Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Money Thing...

I This blog post is my attempt to make people aware of 3 ways to come alongside us as we seek to cover our adoption costs... it's just plain awkward to talk about.  I don't want to come off begging or sounding like I'm trying to guilt anyone into doing anything.
The reality is that adoption, whether domestic or international, costs a lot of money.  As we weighed into the addition of a 4th child and our 3rd adoption, we were faced with once again with the reality that there was no way we would be able to fully cover the adoption inside our current financial reality. Because of this, we have been prayerfully committed to finding alternate forms of income as well as trusting God's provision as only he can do.  In both cases, he is proving faithful.  As the timeline became extremely fast-tracked, we are in a spot where we have a large amount of needed funds despite the place we are at in the process. This has us indebted (both figuratively and literally) to some amazing folks who have loaned us he the needed funds to get us this point and we continue to work though ways to get all the necesarry funds to cover all the costs surrounding the adoption of Malachi.
Download Youth Ministry Resources:  Just over two years ago I was approached with an opportunity to partner with Download Youth Ministry, a website dedicated to provided affordable downloadable youth ministry resources to youth workers.  I currently have nearly 40 items available for purchase on that site.  Although geared toward youth pastors, several items could be of value to teachers and parents.  Any royalties I make from this have and will continue to help cover our adoption costs.  You can check out those resources  HERE.

Leverage Photography:  I outline this option in more detail in THIS POST, but Judd Johnson has a passion to leverage his passion for sports photography toward helping families fund their adoptions.  You hire him to shoot photos of your student athlete and "payment" for the photos goes to Lifesong For Orphans into our account (read more about them below).  Leverage is currently working with three different families are in process or completing their adoption.  Judd doesn't take one cent for his work.  We are humbled and grateful that he has partnered with us.  Check out  and work directly if Judd if interested.

Lifesong for Orphans Matching Grant:  There are many organizations that offer financial assistance to families who are adopting in the form of grants.  One such organization is Lifesong for Orphans.  Lifesong believes in empowering the people of god to partner with families who are adopting by providing matching grants.  We received word last week that we have been granted a $3000 matching grant - for every dollar people give into our account will be matched by Lifesong up to $3000.  There's two ways you could give toward our Lifesong Grant.  First, as you read above, Leverage photography works with Lifesong.  So, if you hire Judd to take your sports photos, your "payment" will be matched by Lifesong!

Second, it is possible to simply donate into our Lifesong account.
 The simplest way is to go to our My Story Page and donate.  You can also send a check payable to “Lifesong for Orphans” and mail them to: Lifesong for Orphans, PO Box 40 Gridley, IL 61744. In the memo line, be sure to include out account #, which is 5679.
*TO NOTE:  If, by chance, we were to receive donations exceeding the $3000 matching amount, all money given into our account (minus credit card processing fees) will still go to our adoption costs. Full disclosure, our incurred costs we are still seeking to cover far exceed $6000.
As I said at the beginning of this post, this is just an awkward topic to talk about.  By no means are we pressuring anyone to take on our financial burden.  We are committed to continued work to cover the costs as well as are trusting God's provision along the way.  This is merely our way of making opportunities known.

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