Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Encouraging words can still come in!

Okay readers, I know there were nearly 300 of you who stopped by here yesterday, but at this only 22 of you found it fitting to post a word of encouragement, a prayer, etc. (big thanks to those of you who have done so).

The team is dragging, emotionally spiritually, and physically drained. Can you imagine how much it will mean to them when I can read a ton of notes from friends, family and complete strangers.

I won't be doing this till late tonight, so there's still time!!!
Go here and leave a short word of encouragement, a prayer, scripture, etc. Leave your name!!!

By the way, several of us just ate lunch at Rupert G's Hello Deli (made famous on Dave Letterman's Late Show). He actually short-changed me on my meal, but I caught it. I proceeded to speak loudly, "Rupert G just tried to rip me off!!" He laughed.

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