Monday, July 16, 2007

A little update

Yesterday was fun, long, interesting, tiring, exciting, growing, and tons of other words. Cedar Point is a great time. God seems to yearly use it to teach us some great lessons on unity, interaction, and attitudes. He did not disappoint this year.

We had a suprise awaiting us as we met at 8:30 to ride as a full group. Pastor Dave and Christy joined us. We took time to ride the Gemini, Magnum XL 200, and Millennium Force as an entire group. You truly have not experienced a Roller Coaster until you've rode on one with 170 of your closest friends.

This morning, we took time to ask God what are the impossible dreams that he's pushing us toward. What is ONE dream for your church, your school, your family?

This afternoon, it's been lots of free time around the camp including paintball, tubing, jet skis, boat building (more on that tonight/ tomorrow)...

It's been a GREAT week thus far, and I have a feeling there are some big things in store for tonight.

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