Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some Post Senior High Camp Thoughts

I'm still here at the camp. Jr. High is in the midst of their first session. As I process what the "mega-themes" at camp have been.
  • Students often talk about what God "DID" at camp. I'm fairly convinced that this camp will be referenced more by what God "STARTED".
  • If we get one thing right this year, it will be PRAYER.
  • In order to get the PRAY right, we will have to match it with OBEY.
  • There are some IMPOSSIBLE situations that God wants to do.
  • Burdens for schools, family members, and friends are growing.
  • Significant relationships between students from different grades have been formed that will play significant roles in the year to come.
  • You may look at this generation and see bones... I see an army that is rising up. UCBONESICANARMY.
ONE Life to live.
ONE God to serve.
ONE Life-Changing Experience.

More pictures will be coming in the days to come.

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Kyle said...

I just spent 2o minutes talking to my sister. Wow! God is so good and it was a huge connecting point for her and I. I'm anxious to hear more about what God is doing and about whether or not you are still standing 5 days from now. I've been spending some factory time praying for you and Janelle the last 2 days. Know that I care a lot and am excited for how God uses you both so mightily. Don't get to cocky but you're alright Derry!