Thursday, August 09, 2007

We have been changed to bring change...

I've been listening to Mars Hill Church's two-disc offering Worship in Every Direction quite a bit lately. I gotta admit, upon first listen, I found it a little stylistically odd; eclectic at times and almost hokey... but the more I've listened to it, the more I've seen that the issue wasn't the CD, but my stylistically "boxing in" worship. The CD includes...
  • large amounts of corporate readings.
  • Grand Piano driven songs.
  • A hoe-down old-style hymn medley (including "Do Lord").
  • A marching band drum-line driven section of songs.
I've found myself continually going to the 1st 3 songs 1st CD (listen to them here)...
Especially hitting me is the 3rd song, which is just the bridge and chorus of an Aaron Niequest song "Changed."

We have been blessed – now we’re going to be a blessing
We have been loved – now we’re going to bring love
We’ve been invited – we’re going to share the invitation
We have been changed – to bring change, to bring change
We have been changed – to bring change, to bring change

Thank You for this new life, thank You for the invitation!
God, we want to live it loud enough to shake the nations " in Your name!

We have been saved – we’re going to shout about the Savior
We have been found – we’re going to turn over every stone
We’ve been empowered – to love the world to Heaven
We have been changed – to bring change, to bring change
We have been changed – to bring change, to bring change
We have been changed – to bring change, to bring change

This week, I was out with one of our students who is heading into his Senior Year at NorthWood. It was one of those conversations you dream about having. As we sat there eating our luke-warm Pizza Hut pizza, he said to me...

"You know, it just clicked with me this Summer. I've been blessed in all these ways... a great family, awesome friends, an ability to encourage people and make friends easily... I haven't been given these things just to feel good about myself. I've been blessed so I can bless others. That's what I want this year to be about."

To which, I say to that student, and to all of us... BOO YA!!!

If you've been blessed, are you being a blessing?
If you've been loved, are you loving?
If you've been changed, are you seeking to bring change?


David said...

Awesome Post! I know exactly how you feel. Those lyrics have been easting away at me for a long time, too. Maybe it's time to do somethingabout it...

Shana said...

I found your site by searching for the lyrics to "changed." I hadn't heard it before; and we're singing it at church Sunday, so I was looking it up before rehearsal tonight. I assume you are a youth director. I really like your site, it has a very nice feel about it. Power To you, Derry.