Thursday, June 18, 2009

1200 E-mails

Dear Admissions Office,

I am a minister at a church that works with approximately 500 Middle and High School Students. We meet and work with these students in a variety of settings. A hot topic among our students is often concerning where to go to college. At the same time, we will often have activities (games, challenges, crowd breakers) where we will give out prizes as incentives for participation. As we've thought about these two seemingly disconnected aspects of our group, we were struck with an idea.

I would love to make our students aware of your school if you'd be willing to send us any kind of "swag" that has your school on it. This could include t-shirts (any sizes Small to X-Large), hats, pens, pencils, penants, or gloves. These items will serve as the incentives during our various meetings. As we give them out, we will make a point to promote your school by name and location.

I'd also love to get an admissions packet that we could place on file that we can show to any kids interested.

These can be sent to:
Nappanee Missionary Church
c/o Derry Prenkert
70417 SR 19 N
P.O. Box 110
Nappanee, IN 46550

If you'd like to check out our church, our website is

Thanks for your time, and I hope you're having a wonderful Summer!

Derry Prenkert
Senior High Pastor
Nappanee Missionary Church (blog)

My friend Michael (who is a school teacher) has done this a couple of times. He Sent a request to every 4 year college and University he was able to track down. He said the response was crazy!

Monday and Tuesday we sent out nearly 1200 E-mails. A couple hundred didn't go through. Many have responded back already. Just got a text today letting me know we received 4 packages today. Now we wait and see what else we get!


Kyle said...

Are you sure you didn't "overpromise" to some of these schools that you may well NOT want to promote? Maybe I'm just a killjoy? :) Good luck with this! I sent it once to 100 or so schools and we got quite a bit.

derryprenkert said...

I have no problem saying the name and location of the school that they get some item from.

What school would we NOT want to promote?