Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday 5: This Week in Twitter

I'm slowly getting sucked into Twitter world. I got it last year to use for our Missions Trip and Summer Camp. In January, I synced up Twitter and Facebook, and added twitpic. This month, I caved and set a few (only three at this point) users to send updates to my cell phone.

I love it for the way we're using it with our trips. I also love it when individuals post a great one liner, or a profound that that makes me go "hmmmm."

I don't like the narcissistic feel to it all (but hey, I've got a blog where I post my thoughts for the world to see, as if my thoughts are that important).

Anyway, here's my five favorite Tweets I read this past week.
  1. carriebad Told 1st grades about the stormy boat in Scripture, little boy walks up, really serious, and says...."That was frickin awesome! I love you!
    (Carrie is working with our NMC 1-4th Grade kids camps this week)

  2. NMC_GO Wow! Major Move last night of Holy Spirit! New blogpost to tell some about it Make sure you send your word of encouragement by 3:00PM today!
    (The move of the Holy Spirit part is what pumped me up!)

  3. janelleprenkert Active day with Derry and Katylynn. Bike ride, sprinkler, sandbox, bath, then softball game. I LOVE THURSDAYS!!

  4. scottengbrecht If they had to choose, I'd rather have people go to a community-based event over a church event. It's missional living.
    (This tweet sparked a little discussion between Scott & I, which was cool as I found someone wrestling and processing through some similar angst)

  5. mynameiscorey "diarrhea from unclean water is the No. 1 killer for African children under age 5." U can still donate, details at
    (Corey's in the midst of an effort to raise support for blood/water mission, which provides clean water and other support in Africa)

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