Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer A-Z


A - Air Conditiong
B - Bare feet
C - Cookout
D - Daddy/ Daughter Time
E - Elastic (it seems like I wear a lot more clothes with it)
F - Flip-Flops
G - GI Joe
H - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
I - Ice Cream
J - Jet Skis
K - Khaki Shorts
L - Ludington, Michigan (mom & dad's cottage)
M - Ministry (lots of unique opportunities)
N - Nuptuals (plenty of weddings to head to)
O - Open Houses (Graduation; lot's of them)
P - Pool
Q - Quiet (Don't know why, but life seems less noisy during Summer)
R - Rocks (love to skip them across the lake)
S - Sun
T - Tubing
U - UV Protection
V - Vermilion, OH (home of Sumer Camp)
W - Watermelon
X - Xebec (a special three-masted sailing ship used in the Mediterranean)
Y - Yard (trying to grow a new stretch of ours)
Z - Zebras (we plan to go to the zoo quite a bit)

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Skipping stones ACROSS the lake? Wow. Impressive. Have you been working out?