Friday, July 03, 2009

Rwanda Exodus Reports

Caleb Bislow has three posts over on his blog concerning his recent trip to Rwanda for the Rwanda Exodus conference.

I love the heart of Caleb in these statements. I also am blown away by the initial effects of this endevor!

I have hesitated to mention the "numbers" of this trip but my wife reminded me that each number is a person, a soul, a life, and that is worth mentioning. However a trademark of Unusual Soldiers is not to be a "BIG FISH" story teller, aka an exaggerator. So I have tamed down some of the statistics to maintain integrity and project numbers that Dustin and I felt were reasonable and true.

26 teams met in Kigali for training
26 teams were sent out
100 Proclaimers for our mission were donated by Campus Crusade (a $10,000 value)
1 apostolic church planter was in each group
26 groups were divided into 9 zones of Rwanda
26+ Jesus films were promoted and watched in remote and forgotten areas of Rwanda
1,000 to 5,000 people showed up at each remote site
apx. 60,000 people watched the films 'The Passion of Christ' or the 'Jesus film.'
apx. 30,000 people committed their lives to Christ at the cinemas
1 church was started the day following each cinema (25 churches in all)
1 church was started spontaneously due to a car breakdown

Caleb's posts on the Exodus:

Exodus Rwanda 2009 (the pictures on this posts are worth thousands of words)
Rwanda's Greatest Hits
Genocide Hell (reader discretion advised)

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