Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Morning Camp Thoughts

This is officially the 11th year we've had a Senior High Group come to Beulah Beach Camp. First it was just called a "Senior High Getaway", then in 2003 we lengthened it and officially called it "Summer Camp".

So, I've seen many students meet with God in incredible ways at this place. I've been especially reminded of it this year as there are multiple former students who are here this year as leaders. Many conversations with those former students/ current leaders have centered on those milestones markers and stakes driven in the ground at camp.

Although God has never disappointed at any of these times here, there are a few camps that jump out from the rest. Out of 11 camps here, I can think of 3 of them where I walked away thinking that we were on the verge of something huge. The first was in 2004 when a somewhat weak Senior Class had something lit inside them. That "light bulb moment" sparked a fire at NorthWood High School of the likes we're still seeing the effects. The second was in 2005 when God showed up in such a unique and powerful way it catapulted us into the most evangelistic year I've seen at NMC Student Ministries.

The third is this year. Something significant happened over this camp, and it really culminated last night. If I were to sum up this camp, I would use two statements...
  1. Brace Yourself to be Loved by God. I believe MANY students have experienced and grasped God's love for them in a deeper, more real and meaningful way. Through this, I've observed brokenness, restoration, reconciliation between siblings, freedom, and repentance.
  2. Brace Yourself to be Used by God. Yesterday afternoon, every student went through a one-hour experience where they asked 5 What Ifs (outlined below) that every student had spent an hour processing through. Last night, we were challenged to seek out how God wants to use us in those 5 What Ifs. As students stood, one by one, and shared in a sentence form how they specifically believe God wants to use them, I realized what we are potentially looking at. A certain "R" word came to mind that could have it's effects on schools, families, sports teams, our church, and maybe even the world.
Now this is only what I sense. I do not know. We will not know the effects of this camp for years. One thing we've been drilling in the students is that what they are experiencing here is not Growth. This is only perspective. Real growth cannot take place until they come down from the mountain, walk through the valley, and put it in to practice. That is my prayer for the months to come. Brace Yourself, we may be on the verge of a fresh move of God!


Anonymous said...

Great picture message Derry with the Mountain top! It reminds me of that old Amy Grant song that us old folks may remember - "Mountain top" where the lyrics state " I want to live on the Mountain top, fellowshipping with the Lord, but I have to come down to the PEOPLE in the valley below - or they will never go the Mountain top with the Lord." Soemthing like that. Keep up the great work! Dean.

Sandi Krakowski said...

YES! Come Holy Spirit Come! We say MORE! We want ALL of you! ALL you have to offer! No matter what the cost, no matter what the risk! May we NEVER EVER settle for lesser things! I am believing for this fire to TRANSPORT back home, to light up homes, to light up the community at NMC and to light up this county and then this state! EXPAND and EXPORT comes after that.. yeah, into all the nations.. truly leaving the church building!