Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What If? - A New Series

As Mentioned, we presented our students with 5 What If? questions. These 5 questions are clearly going to be the driving factor to our upcoming year in Student Ministries. In a little series starting next week, I'm going to outline these 5 "What If?"s and how we've presented them. For now, here are the 5 questions:

  1. WHAT IF you were to truly live out your faith as you walk through the doors of your school?
  2. WHAT IF you were to be the man/woman God has called you to be to you friends & family?
  3. WHAT IF you were to see and use your talents and abilities to advance God’s Kingdom?
  4. WHAT IF NMC Student Ministries took an entire year to seriously address the issues of KIDS IN NEED?
  5. WHAT IF you were a part of a youth group that was seeing God move in mighty ways?

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