Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baptism Celebration

This is one of my favorite (if not THE favorite) Sunday of the year. The Summer Baptism Celebration has been held at Wagner's Pond for the past 36 years. This Summer, we held it at Heritage Hill (the amphitheater at the back of the NMC property).

Although it's an awesome setting, it's really not about the setting. It's not really about the number of people there or the number being baptized, although both were an awesome sight to see. Bottom line for me, it's all about celebrating the stories and lives of those whose lives have been gribbed by the power of the cross and are focused on fulfillling the call of the Kingdom.

Some of those stories:
  • A mom who has truly moved from Religion and into relationship over the past year.
  • A former student who came with a friend as a Freshman & is now working at the church in Student Ministries.
  • A 10 year old gal that is fighting cancer.
  • A high school Senior who is the 4th generation of family who has served God boldly and faithfully at NMC.
  • A Junior guy who had his eternity set going into this Summer, but has truly given his all to see God's Kingdom in the here & now.
  • A father and daughter side by side saying they desire to be known as Christ Followers.
  • A lady with Hunington's disease who had to be carried into the water by her brother in order to be baptized.
And that's only a few of the 35 stories and lives who stepped foot in that water this evening.

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