Friday, August 21, 2009

Grieving: It's Weird What Hits You

I'm going to the NorthWood/ Jimtown Football game tonight. I'm excited to support several of our students that are seeking to truly use their talents for the sake of the Kingdom. I will be meeting with any members of the team who want every Friday after school for "Chapel."

As I was walking from our Football Chapel to my office today, something struck me. My dad won't be at the game tonight. He won't be sitting in the stands, book in hand, watching the teams battle it out for the win. I think this may be the first NorthWood/ Jimtown game where he will not be present.

It's weird what hits you when going through the grieving process. I'll miss seeing him tonight.
I've thought about taking a book along with me tonight.
Seems like somebody should have one...

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