Friday, September 04, 2009

Fantasy Football... Team #1

Fantasy Football. Love it.

I'm in a 7 year old league that allows three keepers. When you keep a player, he jumps up 2 rounds from where you drafted him. Unless he's in the top 10, then he jumps up 4 rounds. It's 10 teams. I was very fortunate with my keepers (in bold, round I got them this round in parenthesis). We actually did the draft on August 1 because many of the guys are spread around the world (literally).

How about my team?
Starting lineup for Week 1:

QB - Jay Cutler
QB - Chad Penington (rd 14)
RB - Matt Forte (rd 2)
RB - De'Angelo Williams (rd- 5)
WR - Larry Fitzgerald
WR - Anthony Gonzalez
WR - Eddie Royal
WR/RB - Pierre Thomas
TE - Vinanthe Schiancoe
K - Kris Brown
K - Mason Crosby
DEF - New England
DEF - Dallas

Brady Quinn
Derrick Mason
Donnie Avery
Fred Jackson
Darren Sproles
Kenny Brit

Feeling a little vulnerable in the QB position (since we start 2) Otherwise, I'm feeling good.


Jeremy Wilmot said...

could be better. ha love forte, still not totally in love with cutler but hes alright

Denny said...

Good running backs and receivers, but I agree with your assessment, your QB's are weak. Good luck.