Tuesday, January 12, 2010

K.I.N./ Upward/ Hoops Of Hope

I love it when good things collide. Tonight marks our first public steps toward three great ministries colliding together.

Kids In Need with NMC Student Ministries is in its second half of the year. As we tally up some financial totals this week, we were excited to discover that nearly $29,000 has been given to various ministries both local and global who are seeking to live out the call of Jesus to look after orphans and reach out to "the least of these."
That doesn't include some of the side initiatives kids have given that hasn't filtered through NMC (toys bought for RETA, I know a Small Group that bought some Christmas Gifts for Amgel Tree).
That doesn't include the amount of time, talents, and material treasures given as well.

Upward Basketball and Cheerleading is underway with nearly 450 Kindergarten - 6th grade students cheering and playing bball while learning about character, identity and ultimately a relationship with Christ. This program is fantastic. It brings many kids and parents through the doors of our church who would not normally walk through them.

Hoops of Hope is a non-profit organization started in 2004 by then 10-year old Austin Gutwein who wanted to bring awareness and raise funds for the more than 15 million children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. On World AIDS Day 2004, Austin shot over 2000 free throws to represent the more than 2000 kids who were orphaned during his day at school. Since then, Austin has been recruiting others to join him and together they have raised over $1 Million for these children.

So, here's the beautiful collision...

ur 7th-12th Grade students (Kids In Need)are organizing a Hoops of Hope event that will take place Saturday, February 6. All Upward Basktball players and cheerleaders will have the opportunity to participate.Each team and squad will be given a 75-minute time slot to shoot as many free throws or say as many cheers as possible in honor of the thousands of children that are orphaned every day by HIV/AIDS. Participants will be enlisting sponsors for donations to assist in the relief and care efforts for these orphans.

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