Thursday, January 07, 2010

NFL Playoffs: My Predictions and reality

On September 10, I made the following predictions:

So there's my picks. As an added bonus, I would like to throw out my playoff predictions:

Division Champs:
NFC North: Green Bay Packers (10-6) GB, Minn, and Chicago are going to beat up on each other, but I believe Rodgers will come out on top in the QB battle. I hope he does.
Actual results: Vikings take the Division at 12-4. GB does go 11-5 and makes the wildcard.

NFC South: New Orleans Saints (12-4)
I love Drew Brees. That's all I have to say.
Actual Results: Right team, but off by one win. The Saints go 13-3.

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles (11-6) It won't have anything to do with Vick, but I hope things work out for him.
Actual Results: Not sure how I expected the Eagles to play one more game than everyone else, but I was right on the 11 wins. The Cowboys took the division at 11-5 in the end.

NFC West: Arizona Cardinals (11-5)
They'll simply win because the rest of them stink.
Actual Results: Right team, but Cards go 10-6.

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers (11-6)
The Steel city knows how to do it.
Actual Results: Steelers don't even make the playoffs. Bengals shocked this year and go 10-6.

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts (13-3)
I have a good feeling.
Actual Results: The went 14-2, and I'm nervous as the playoffs start.

AFC East: New England Patriots (13-3)
Actual Results: They went 10-6... I still say Grrrr.

AFC West: San Diego Chargers (12-4)
They're healthy, and it's all there.
Actual Results: 13-3 for the Chargers.

FINAL RESULTS: Correctly picked 5 of 8 Division winners. 2 wrong choices end up in the wildcard. Not bad.

NFC Wilcard:

Carolina Panthers (10-6) They are going to just eek this spot out over the Falcons.
Actual Results: They stunk this year.

New York Giants (10-6) I don't know. I had to pick someone.
Actual Results: Nope.
AFC Wildcard:
Tennessee Titans (12-4) They're gonna be good, just not quite as good as the Colts.
Actual Results: Nope

Baltimore Ravens (11-6)
Steelers will beat them in tie-breaker for Division Champs.
Actual Results: Got this one right. They ended at 9-7.

FINAL RESULTS: I didn't pick the Jets, Bengals, Cowboys, and Vikings was wrong about the Panthers, Steelers, Giants and Titans making the playoffs.

NFC CHAMPIONS: Carolina Panthers
AFC CHAMPIONS: San Diego Chargers
As for these predictions, Panthers were a stupid pick. I hope I'm wrong with the Chargers.

Super Bowl Champs: San Diego Superchargers.
Again, I hope I'm wrong.

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