Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Regular Blog Stops

In a time where some are falling off the blogging wagon, there are those I still make it a point to frequent due to consistent posting and enjoyable content:
  • Geoff Cocanower - Our Sr High Intern/Pastor is on a journey that has been fun to be a part of.
  • Adam Cramer - Former NMC Student just back from a year in South Africa. Good stuff.
  • Kristy Mikel - Administrative Assistant at NMC and all-around amazing person.
  • Jon Andrews - Wakarusa Missionary Church Youth Pastor and all around spiritual rabble rouser.
  • Calvin Prenkert - Daily insight from my 8 2/3 year old nephew. Seriously, some of the best stuff on the internet right now.
  • Rob Henschen - Blogger extraordinaire on a significant health journey right now.
  • Austin Hostetter - Graduated in '09 and at Ball State this year on a journey where God is doing some great things in him. I love seeing his worldview shape and mold.

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