Friday, February 26, 2010

Among Family

One thing I'm already loving about SYMC 2010 is the statement that was placed in our booklets we received...
"it's less of a conference and more of a family reunion."

I feel it.

I walked by the To Save a Life Movie table and saw a gal with a nametag I noticed...

"Kaitlyn, I'm Derry from Nappanee Missionary Church."
"Oh, hey Derry. So cool to finally see you face to face. How's everything going with you guys."
"Really great."
Conversation continues... Kaitlyn helped us bring the movie into our church for a screening for leaders.

I walk a little further down the hall and see Walt Mueller, and Walt recognizes me.
"Hey Walt. Derry from NMC."
"Ya, Derry this is my wife and son." (to his wife) "This is Derry from Nappanee where I went last March. Hey any of the other guys here?"
"Ya, Jason, Chris, Geoff..." conversation continues.
Pretty cool that Walt would remember a guy he met for one day one year ago.

At lunch, I met three different guys...
One from Franklin, Indiana who has been in Youth Ministry for 25 years.
One from Western Kentucky who took Amtrak to get here.
One from Rockford who was able to bring 6 of his volunteers with him.
We talked about a lot more than just that, but the cool part was that it didn't take long to feel comfortable just connecting.

It's very cool to be among family.

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