Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday 5: Upcoming Trips

  1. Simply Youth Ministry Conference: Chicago, February 26-March 1. I'll be traveling with members of our Student Ministries team to get training, refreshed, and refocused in ministry. I'm most looking forward to the time spent with my teammates.
  2. IMPACT Baby Center - Kenya, April 1-11. 10 students and 4 adults will be heading to Africa as a part of a Kids In Need focused team. These students are "the best of the best" when it comes to short term missions experience and spiritual maturity. Janelle and I are looking forward to our first trip to Africa and connecting with a significant NMC partner.
  3. Exodus Follow Up - Rwanda April 11-18. While in Kenya, our team will be also traveling out to spend time with the pastors and church planters we partnered with in the Maasai Project. Caleb Bislow will be meeting us there. From there, Janelle and the Lengachers will be taking our IMPACT team home while I head with Caleb to Rwanda. We will be traveling around to check in on the churches and leaders who were a part of the Rwanda Exodus team. I'm very excited to be able to get on African soil with the Bizman and to connect with our Rwandan friends on behalf of NMC Student Ministries!
  4. IMPACT/ChicaGO - El Millon Mexico and Chicago, dates still to be set. Our two Summer trips for Senior High will be led by teammates (Geoff leading IMACT and Chris leading GO), but I plan to connect with both trips in some way. It just works out well with the dates of the trips overlapping and Chicago being the airport we will use to get to El Millon. I'm looking forward to playing more of a "sage" role and letting the guys soar in their leadership with students.
  5. CDYC - Indiana Wesleyan University June 23-27. I will be speaking at this year's Senior High Central District Youth Conference for the Missionary Chruch. Chris Lehane will be leading worship. Janelle and Katylynn will be going along with me as we focus in how to to PUSH forward in our walk with Christ. I'm looking forward to partnering with Chris and the amazing opportunity to connect a ton of students from Indiana and Ohio to Christ.
That takes us to the end of June. Plenty more to come after that. God is good and I am blessed to serve Him in a variety of locations and among a variety of people!

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