Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Vacation Katylynisms

Some of the more enjoyable Katylynn quotes from our Vacation:
  • "We're going on a Trip!" Stated multiple times on the drive down.
  • "Wooking wike a foo wid da pants on da gwound." As you read it out phonetically you will enjoy the new song I taught her.
  • "I wanna go swimming. I wanna play on the beach." Katylynn's two big requests while at Daytona Beach
  • "I throw the cookies." After the 2nd of four times Katylynn threw up in the van. This time she choked on some animal crackers.
  • "I see Ninnie! I see Nickey!" Said approximately 4,563 times while at Disney World. Whether it was a sticker, t-shirt, hat, mickey ears, or actual characters, I think she saw them every time... and was really excited.
  • "It's Nemo and Turd!" A little explanation. While in Daytona, I was putting a swimmer Diaper on Katylynn. It had the Finding Nemo characters on it. I asked Janelle what the turtle's name was. She told me it was Squirt, and I responded, "For some reason I was thinking it was Turd!" 5 days later, we are at DisneyWorld and she sees the Nemo characters. When she sees the little turtle she says, "It's Turd!" Janelle and I lost it. I looked at Janelle and said, "Should we correct her?" We both decided not to.
  • "We're going to Ninnie's house." The name we gave our hotel.
  • "I wanna ride the Magic Bus." The name we gave the Disney transportation buses.
  • "I want popcorn." Katylynn's snack of choice while in the parks.
  • "I want this." Said at about every merchandise kiosk and gift shop we passed. A quick quote in response by us, "No. We look but don't buy. Please put it back Honey." She was fantastic at doing this.

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Anonymous said...

She is such a cutie! I can imagine her saying each one of those! glad you guys had a great vacation!

oh and the pictures of you and katylynn are adorable!