Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday 5s

Current 5 favorite TV Shows:
  1. LOST
  2. Community
  3. The Office
  4. Chuck
  5. Around the Horn

5 current favorite Websites:

  5. (what can I say, I'm a narcissist)

5 current favorite Words:

  1. Affinity
  2. Legacy
  3. Volunteer
  4. Inductive
  5. Excrement (just makes me laugh)

5 Current favorite foods:

  1. Wheat Thins
  2. Cherry Coke Zero
  3. McDonalds Cherry Pies
  4. Orville Redenbacker's Movie Theater Butter Popcorn
  5. Ice Cream (My slogan: "There's always room for Ice Cream")

5 Current Great things about Katylynn:
  1. She is making herself laugh.
  2. When she cries, she makes a really cute face.
  3. She gets so excited she screams, and it's actually a nice scream (if that's possible).
  4. She has shown compassion on several occassions.
  5. She can quote her Curious George book.
1 Not-so Great thing: The extremely smelly diaper she has as she plays beside me.

5 Current Great things about my Wife:
  1. Her continual pursuit of her emotional, physical and spiritual health.
  2. Her unbelievable patience with her daughter and husband.
  3. Her amazingly unselfish love and support of NMC students.
  4. Her ability to laugh at herself.
  5. She's pretty stinkin' hot, gorgeous, good-looking, beautiful (you name the attractive word, she's got it).


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