Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Pause Button

I find one of the most valuable elements to Fanning the Flame at NMC is that it presents the opportunity for us to push the pause button. It's actually a little taxing to give up 4 consecutive nights to be at the church, so it may seem weird that I see it as an opportunity to push pause.

I see 2 different ways we can push the "pause" button in our life that is healthy for us.
  1. Pushing Pause and filling it with nothing - There are moments where there is too much going on, too many plates being juggled, too many events to get to, not enough sleep. In the midst of these times it may be best to just stop and sit and stare out a window for an hour or sleep in. Basically, the goal is to create space and fill it with nothing so your soul can catch up to your body. I find this to be more rare of a need in our lives. We probably do it less than we should though.
  2. Pushing Pause on many things to focus in on one thing - These are the times where we know we need to put a stop to many things going on in order to focus on What Matter's Most at the time. For me, the two places where I most need to allow this to happen is with God and with family.
I believe that over the years Fanning the Flame has allowed and is again allowing many to push pause on many things to focus in on one thing... and that one thing is the main thing. I once heard someone (okay many times heard many different people) say "It's important to keep the main thing the main thing." We need rhythms to keep us doing this. I'm grateful for the yearly rhythm that is Fanning the Flame.

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