Friday, April 16, 2010

Back in Rwanda

Just heard from Derry. They made it out of the DRC and are now in Rwanda. He said they had lots of Davine appoints while there.

Tomorrow they will tour the genocide sites and memorials in Rwanda, then Caleb and Derry split paths. Caleb will spend a few more days in Kenya while Derry boards a plane on Sunday for home.

Please pray for his flight. Because of the volcano that erupted, all European flights are grounded. Thus, Derry's flight could be in jeopardy. I'm currently trying to get a hold of the travel agency to make different arrangements. So answer. Pray things work out. Being gone 19 days is a long time. He really wants to make in home on time and I know Katylynn and I feel the same way.

Thanks for all of your prayers while he was on this trip.

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