Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the DRC

I'm typing this update from the DRC in the hottest internet cafe with the slowest connection I've ever experienced. I can't log in to facebook or my email, but somehow I can get onto Blogger.

Here's a rundown of our activity thus far:

  • Landed in Rwanda Sunday afternoon. Met with Eugene, our main contact and stayed at his house. Visited his church that evening. Rwanda was in the middle of their 5 day memorial of the 1994 genocide. We visited Eugene's church where they were having a time of testimonies and candlelight worship from survivors of the genocide.
  • Monday morning we met up with Enock and Jean Paul, our DRC contacts. We drove through the mountains and I got car sick. Caleb got some good video of me puking. This is a scare with diabetes but I'm fine. Recovered quickly.
  • We stopped at our hotel in Kibuyu. It sat on a bluff with one of the most beautiful views I've ever seen.
  • Monday evening visited the Pygmy village Caleb and Dustin had been to during the Rwanda Exodus. Played with the kids. Visited the church site (still no building) and told them we'd be back the next day.
  • Tuesday Morning went back up to the Pygmy village and handed out clothes to the children. There are around 40-50 kids in this village who had their school shut down on them. $150 a month would open the school back up. Doesn't seem right that a kid can't get schooling when it's only going to cost $3-4 per month.
  • From Pygmy village we took our 4 hour drive to get to the border. Rwanda is called the country of 1000 hills and mountains and I think we drove through all of them. No motion sickness thanks to Bonine.
  • The border crossing is one exnet that could have potentially been sticky. We had no problem at all thanks to our Rwandan and Congolese friends.
  • Stayed in the house of a Congolese family who fed us very well.
  • Wednesday Morning toured Hope Africa Hospital. Saw firsthand the results of the conflict in DRC.
  • Spent rest of Wednesday with 30 Congolese pastors casting the vision for Unusual Soldiers. I shared with them on the key of Intimacy with God and the idea of making disciples 4G. This stuff lit me up. Loved it.
  • After time with pastors went next door to a shack where 2 ladies have housed women who have been raped during the conflict. Dirt floor with some pads on the ground for them to sleep. Talked to two women... one had been raped and is now pregnant from it. Husband left her. The other had been raped and is now HIV positive. Husband left her as well. Heartbreaking.
Tomorrow we head to the Refugee Camp and meet with some Congolese Pygmies. Pray that we will have God's eye's and ears.

Pressing on.

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