Saturday, April 24, 2010

Post-Africa Trip Rankings

Totally opinion here. I only saw snippets of these countries, and I bring in my own preferences, prejudices, and perspectives.

Economic Development:
1. Rwanda
2. Kenya
3. DRC
-the difference between 2 and 3 is much more significant than 1 and 2-

Spiritual Darkness
1. DRC - I wish I could put into words the feeling as I crossed back and forth from the border of this country.
2. Rwanda - The clouds of the genocide linger, yet the church is moving forward.
3. Kenya - Plenty of issues and spiritual battle still.

1. Kenya - I ate mainly American here and was able to eat at two different Brazilian Steakhouses, so it's a bit slanted on this one.
2. DRC - May have been the amount of meals and our host family who cooked for us.
3. Rwanda - Not a single thing wrong with the food here, but there has to be a last place.

1. Seoul, Korea - Free private showers that looked like they were out of a 4-star hotel. No armrests in airport seats let you lay out. Free internet at computers. Perfect temp and really quiet.
2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Had special seats you could sleep in. Very open and decent temp. Loud and busy.
3. Bangkok, Thailand - Free internet stations. Good food courts. Very warm at the gates.
4. Kigali, Rwanda - Very small. Nice coffee shop. Easy to navigate.
5. Nairobi, Kenya - Ridiculously hot. Nice Coffee House.
6. Chicago, O'Hare - Busy, uncomfortable, too many negative experiences with delays for me to like it.

Most likely to Return:
1. Kenya - The most close ties (Maasai, Baby Center) and Janelle was gripped there.
2. DRC - Something stirred in me there.
3. Rwanda - Who knows, I may head back, but I see the ministry there carrying on well.

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