Sunday, April 04, 2010

PRAYER POST: Baby Center Time!

For the next two days, it's all about the babies! Our Monday and Tuesday will be spent at the Baby Center. We'll be loving on the babies, encouraging the workers, and doing work around the Center. Kayla and Kaity have prepared some awesome activities for us to do with the babies. Nick and Kristen have various unique ways we'll be encouraging the workers. Jamie and Brant will be guiding us as we paint and do other odd jobs.

Pray for us over these next 48 hours:
  • That the eyes of the orphan will capture us.
  • That we will love on the kids like crazy.
  • That God will speak to students as we minister.
  • I firmly believe God is going to be unfolding some of his calling and future plans in the hearts of team members. Pray that we will be keen to his voice and open to his calling.
  • Health for the babies.
  • Encouragement for the workers.
  • Just pray for the Baby Center and it's continued ministry.
  • Remember team members by name: Kristen Schwenger, Amanda Yoder, Kayla Koontz, Sydney Koontz, Kaitlyn McFarland, Brittany Lengacher, Brant Nine, Cody Cline, Nick Berkey, Tim Berkey, Jolinda Lengacher, Jamie Lengacher, Janelle Prenkert, Derry Prenkert.

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Dick and Melinda Roose said...

To all but especially Cody Cline, we are praying for you for strength and protection. We hope the shoes find special feet of the babies and other needy souls in Kenya. We are awed by your love and sacrifice for the people of the AGC Baby Center. May God heap blessings upon you! With love in Christ, Dick and Melinda Roose