Friday, April 02, 2010

Prayer POST: Mathare and 250 Orphans

As you go to bed tonight, we will be waking up to head out to the Mathare Slums of Nairobi. This 3 mile square of buildings and alleys is home to as many as 800,000 Kenyans who are in extreme poverty. We will be partnering with WGM missionary Robin Moore to provide a day of fun, food, and hope for orphans. As many as 250 orphans will be brought out of this area to a park where we will feed them, play games, do crafts, dramas, simply love on them, share Christ.

Following our time of working with the kids, we will head into the Mathare for a brief tour of the area and the ministry that is taking place there.

Pray for us today/tonight:
  • That we may be the hands and feet of Jesus.
  • That we will be soaked in compassion, mercy and love.
  • That our eyes, hearts and ears would be open to the things God wants us to see, feel and hear.
  • That we might have supernatural energy (we'll be working with the kids 3-6 a.m. U.S. time)
  • That God will watch over and guide our every action.

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