Thursday, April 08, 2010

PRAYER POST: A Sad Goodbye, A Long Awaited Uniting, and Processing

Today (Friday) is an sad and exciting day for us.
Sad - We say goodbye to the babies and workers of the AGC Baby Center
Exciting - We will traveling off the beaten path to the Maasai village of Namuncha where we will connect With Caleb Bislow and some of the key pastors of the Maasai project.

From 2006-2008, NMC Student Ministries were able to raise and give $30,000 to see a disciple-making movement take place in Maasai land. The village we are visiting is where the vision and burden started with Simon and Caleb. For me, it's a monumental meeting as NMC Student Ministries, Jamie & Jolinda Lengacher (representing our efforts with the Baby Center), Simon Saitoti, and Caleb Bislow meet and worship together.

We will spend the day with the Maasai and put on an outreach service outside a church. From Namuncha, we head into Nairobi. This evening we will be starting our debrief time... an esential part of an NMC Student Ministries IMPACT experience.

Please Pray:
  • For our departure from the Baby Center... that God will allow the ministry that has taken place in our lives and those connected with the Baby Center long after we have left.
  • For our time with the Maasai... that God will bless our uniting and direct the dramas, testimonies and worship time together in the service.
  • For the beginnings of our debrief time... that we will allow God to speak into our lives the key reasons he brought us on this journey and the major takeaways for us.
  • Four our

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