Monday, April 19, 2010

Trip Report: Waiting

As I type this, it was the time I was supposed to by flying over the Atlantic... about 5 hours away from being reunited with Janelle and Katylynn in Chicago. Instead, I sit at a slow internet connection at the Mayfield Guest House unsure when or how I will be getting home. Some reports have me here another week, others say there will be a fleet of flights leaving tomorrow. I'm trying to wait on God and take advantage of this time to debrief and reflect on the past 18 days.

So many experiences.
So many lessons.
So many faces and stories.
So much is more real to me.

If I remain here for a while, I may start posting some of my response, reaction and stories over these days. Unfortunately, internet speed will likely not allow me to post pictures (although I would desperately like to get at least one photo of my awesome beard posted).

Last night, Matt Maloney made his way into Nairobi from his 10 day journey to Tanzania with two Maasai Pastors from the Maasai Project. Being able to hear his stories of the ongoing movement created from the Maasai Project made my cancelation of flight worth at least one day extra here. At this point, Matt is stuck here with me as well, his flight was set to leave this evening (not happening).

After hearing the trip report from Matt, Simon, and Moses, The Bizman (a.k.a. Caleb) headed out on one last journey before he seeks to begin his journey home on Wednesday. He is seeking to find one boy, who in many ways is the catalyst for the Maasai Project years before the Maasai Project began. I'm praying his journey is met with much fruit.

Today's thoughts:
  • NMC Student Ministries choice to dive in to the Maasai Project is seeing significant Multiplication (dare I say 4G?).
  • Communicating with airlines in the midst of the greatest international flight shutdown ever is only more problemmatic when trying to do it from Kenya.
  • I'm praying protection over my daughter's heart as she tries to grasp where Daddy is and that she'll know and sense my and God's love very near her over the next few days.
  • I'm 2-0 in Fantasy Baseball... meaning it would be wise for me to leave the country more often if I'd like to win a championship.

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