Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Trip Update: 4 Snapshots

As the sun has set on Tuesday, and there are some pretty tired team members. It's very much the great kind of tired. 4 snapshots to share with you to explain our day.

Snapshot 1: Baby Time. It has been awesome watching our team spend time with the kids. The photo you see above is one of many that could show a variety of team members and Baby Center Babies. These students have loved excessively.

Snapshot 2: A Trip to the Farm. We walked over to the Farm that is a part of the AGC ministry. We took a walk to the back of the field where we came upon two graves. Moses and Abigail. As we stood out there, Kids In Need became a little more real. The validity of the AGC Baby Center's ministry. As Jamie said so well, without the Baby Center there would likely be 90 more graves like it. I think for many of us, this is a snapshot that will be etched in our memories for quite some time.

Snapshot 3: Team Picture. In a rare opportunity, we were able to meet with nearly the entire staff of the Baby Center. The staff threw a going away party for Margie Helmuth. As a part of this time, we presented every worker with a certificate, some U.S. treats (lots of chocolates), and some other articles of appreciation for all they do.

Snapshot 4: Margie. NMC's Margie Helmuth leaves Kenya next week after 3 1/2 years of Ministry with WGM and the AGC Baby Center. Her going away party was a special time as we were able to present her with a recorded message from Pastor Dave as well as several gifts. Margie's is the story of a humble and obedient woman who has changed the lives of many. It was awesome for our team to take part in this experience.

Off to bed. Please remember us in prayer (scheduled post on how to best pray coming in two hours).


Anonymous said...

Loving the updates! Praying for each one of you! You guys are all doin awesome! Keep spreadin the love :)

Tiff said...

Glad you guys are having a great time! I know these pictures don't do justice of the numerous ways God is working in and through you guys! Keep the pics comin! =D Prayin 4 ya!