Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Trip Update: A Move of God in Salgaa

We took the team to Salgaa (read prayer post below) this morning. Once there, we divided into 5 groups with members from the AGC church and went out to visit homes. We sat in homes and heard the stories of the women the church is reaching out to. The first home I sat in with my group was 8'X12' and housed a mother, her teenage son, teenage daughter and her 6 year old. She is seeking to keep all her kids enrolled in school while trying to feed them and pay rent for her home.

A story, with slight variations was repeated two more times with my group, and many times by the other groups. An addition to some stories would be malaria or HIV/AIDS. Missing from every story were the words "Father" and "husband." These were beautiful and sweet women we were spending time with. The layers of complexity to the situation in Salgaa began to settle in.

From the visitation time we headed to a support group meeting. This Support Group is for the many women of the community seeking to get out of prostitution, those suffering from HIV/AIDS, or those just looking for help & hope.

We were given the program. We went with the theme, "You are a treasure to God." The students performed both dramas. Tim explained the Redeemer and Cody explained King of Hearts. Brant, Kaity, Kayla, and Janelle all shared their testimonies. The testimonies were heartfelt, tear-filled and powerful. Each person's story divinely connected with the women. They were literally sitting on the edge of their seats, leaning forward as we shared. I can't overemphasize how amazingly well the students did in connecting the message of Christ with the situations facing the ladies who were present.

To close, Pastor Meshack of the AGC Baby Center did an invitation that had a significant response of women coming to the front, and kneeling before God. In the many IMPACT trips I've been on, it was one of the most powerful moments God's presence I've experienced.

After the Support Group (which ended up lasting 3 hours!) we had lunch at a restaurant in Salgaa (authentic Kenyan, which the majority of the students really enjoyed). As we loaded up and headed down the road back to the baby center, reality hit me concerning the life facing the women we ministered with. Many trucks were parked along the side of the road (Jamie and Margie said there are as many as 100 trucks parked as evening comes). Tonight, we are fervently praying for those women who responded to run after Jesus, that they will know and believe that the Almighty God will provide another way than prostitution to provide for their families

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