Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday 5: Big Deals

Five Big Deal Events Coming up:
  1. Adoption Silent Auction: It starts tomorrow. 50+ items are up for bid on Janelle's blog. We recently decided that we will be giving 10% of proceeds to a Kids In Need project and 90% will go toward our international adoption.
  2. SOAR Retreat: There will be 9 College Age Guys and Gals who join our Staff this weekend. The SOAR Interns will be working with Children's Ministry, Student Ministries, and Worship. Monday evening, we take off for Michigan with this group to get them ready for a Summer that could very well change their life.
  3. K.I.N. Celebration: Next Wednesday we put a "closing" on our school year that has been dedicated to Kids In Need. How did we gain and give, and how are we going to now live because of Kids In Nee.
  4. I'm With Coco in Chicago: Janelle and I will be heading to Chicago next Thursday-Friday as a late celebration of our 10th anniversary. We will be seeing Conan O'Brien at the Chicago theater and staying at a hotel on the Magnificent Mile. Great times.
  5. Communication Workshop: May 24-26, I'll be taking the SOAR Interns through some communication training.
Insanely busy, but really exciting.

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