Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday 5s: LOST

In a continued theme here on the old blog, I focus todays 5s on what I consider to be the best television show I've ever experienced.

SPOILER ALERT: All kinds of "moments from the show are highlighted. Don't read on if you plan to watch more.

Top 5 Episodes:
5. Numbers (Season 1):
This Hurley-focused episode where we discovered these mysterious numbers that made Hurley a multi-millionaire were connected to the island officially hooked me into the journey with the characters.
4. Through the Looking Glass (Season 3 Finale): The Jack-centric Flashback that eventually turns out to be a "Flash Forward" was one of the more brilliant plot-twist and cliffhanger moments in T.V.
3. The End (Season 6 and Series Finale): It delivered for me, had some awesome sentimental moments, and served as a loosely tied bow on an amazing show.
2. Greatest Hits (Season 3): The 5 most significant moments in Charlie's life are recounted as he prepares for his looming death. Brilliant storytelling, heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.
1. Flashes Before Your Eyes (Season 3): I guess Season 3 rises up to the top for me. This complete mind frak of an episode had Desmond in what could almost now be called a "Flash Sideways". For me, it was the point where it become there would not be a natural explanation for the show, but something supernatural was going on. It was the episode where I verbally said "Whaaa?" and "Awesome!" the most times.

Honorable Mention:
Walkabout (Season 1), Exodus (Season 1 Finale), The 23rd Psalm (Season 2), Two For the Road (Season 2), The Constant (Season 4), There's No Place Like Home (Season 4 Finale), Lafluer (Season 5), Some Like it Hoth (Season 5), LA X (Season 6), Ab Aeterno (Season 6), Happily Ever After (Season 6)

My Top 5 Characters:
5. Benjamin Linus: He took villain to a new level, and then ended up redeeming himself.
4. Mr Eko: Probably the most disappointing death in the entire show for me.
3. Desmand: The "Constant" with the special powers made for some of the best episodes.
2. Jin: One of the best redemptive storylines in the entire show.
1. Hurley: I loved his storyline, his humor, the way he played the voice of the audience.

Honorable Mention:

Richard Alpert, Rose, Charlie, Claire, Vincent, and Frogurt.

Top 5 funny moments:
5. Hurley questions who Richard is: In a Season 6 walk to the Black Rock, Hurley started questioning Richard: "Are you a cyborg, a Vampire?" cracked me up.
4. Jin tells a scary story around the campfire, in Korean: It was an all-around cool moment when several guys trudged off on a "camp out." The fact that he was telling the story with flashlight on his face in a language none of them understood... it makes me laugh even writing it.
3. Sawyer loses to Hurley in Ping Pong: It wasn't funny in the sense of comedy, as much as it was a "haha, take that Sawyer" moment.
2. Miles tries to explain time travel to Hurley: Hilarious because Hurley was playing the voice of the audience watching the show, trying to figure out what was going on with the Season 5 time travel.
1. Sawyer's Nicknames: This was not just one moment, but this little tradition of Sawyer giving nicknames to people based of different characteristics (Hurley - "Stay-Puft", Richard - "Eyeliner", Faraday - "Twitchy") had me laughing much and often.

Honorable Mention:
Hurley tries to rewrite Empire Strikes Back, The golf game in Season 1, Frogurt's death, Hurley throws a hot pocket at Ben, really about every attempt at humor involving Hurley.

Top 5 Quotes:
5. "Dude, you've got Arzt on you." -Hurley
4. "We're the good guys, Michael." -Benjamin Linus
3. "You are a man of science. I am a man of faith." -Locke to Jack
2. "See you in another life, Brutha." -Desmand Hume
1."If we don't live together, we are going to die alone." -Jack

Honorable Mention:
"I'm sorry. You are right. Those pants don't make you look fat." -Jin trying to learn English from Sawyer
"Jesus is not a weapon, Hugo." -Hurley's mom
"Two sides: One is light. One is dark." - John Locke

Top 5 Plot Twists:

5. Flash Sideways is a sort of "Purgatory."
4. Michael kills Ana Lucia and Libby.
3. John Locke was in a wheel chair before the island.
2. Walt kidnapped at sea.
1. Season 3 Finale is actually a Flash Forward.

Honorable Mention:
Locke's dad is the real "Sawyer", Eloise Hawking kills her own son, Jack and Claire are half siblings, Desmand is in the Hatch, Ben Linus kills Locke, too many others to mention here.

Top 5 "Moments" (a.k.a. times that may have brought salty substance from my eyes)
5. Jin and Sun drown in the Submarine.
4. The raft being pushed out to see in the Season 1 Finale.
3. "Not Penny's boat" written on Charlie's hand.
2. Desmand calls Penny from the Freighter.
1. The final scene with Jack and Vincent.

Honorable Mention:
Anna Lucia and Libby's funeral, Ilana tells Ben, "I'll have you", Juliet Dies, about any slow motion moment with people walking on to the beach.

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