Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It Just Got Personal - Part 8

To many, this is just a picture of two people.
To me, I'm standing Charles, one of seven survivors of the 11,000 Tutsi’s who in 1994 tried to take refuge in the Nyamata Catholic Church behind us. He lay in the midst of corpses and blood, playing dead, as he saw his father killed and hung from the rafters, heard his brother scream his final breath, and watched as the rebel armies to machetes, guns, and grenades to the men, women and children.
Somehow able to flee and escape the rebels. 16 years later, he leads tours through the church where he saw more death than anyone should ever have to see.

To many this is just a picture of two people.
To me, the genocide now has a face, a name and story… Charles.

And it just got very personal.

Below is a video I shot at Ntarama, a different church than the one mentioned above, where 5000 were massacred. It is my initial reaction after walking through, seeing the remains & clothes of those massacred, and hearing their stories.

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