Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Different Camp

This Monday 120 students and leaders head out for NMC's Jr High Camp.
Next Friday, 203 students and leaders head out for NMC's Sr High Camp.

I'm excited. I'm nervous.

I'm excited because Summer Camp has proved to be a significant moment in the lives of students in years past. New Christ-focused relationships are formed and God speaks in significant ways. The tone for the school year is often set through this "mountain top experience." On the Senior High end, this is a new attendance record by nearly 30 students. That's exciting. We've got a great group of leaders heading to each camp to dive into the lives of Jr Highers, and that is also exciting.

I'm nervous because this will be our 11th Summer Camp. Well, technically it all started in '99 with a two night "Summer Getaway" that eventually evolved into our 2003 5-night Summer Camp, but we're really in our second decade of doing this now. We've found some great "traditions" that build great memories as well as opportunities for students to connect with a living God. Yet, I can't expect God to do what God has always done in the way He's always done it through camp.

We also have, at this point, what I would call "camp junkies". It's those students who have allowed Camp to become the one spiritual event on their calendar. They have a Summer fling with Jesus at Camp only to go on through the rest of the school year with one adulterous relationship after another (some literal relationships with people, and and some with activities or sin struggles). Unfortunately, as the years of camp increase, the number of these students seems to increase.

Our theme to Camp this year is "DIFFERENT". We're calling students to understand what it means to be "Set Apart" and have an integrated faith. At the same time, I'm praying that we'll see some of the same amazing stuff in the 2nd decade of Summer Camps that we've seen through the first decade, but also a different move that shows even more of God's Spirit coming alive inside our students!

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