Friday, June 11, 2010

Is This Blog Done?

If you haven't noticed, my blogging has cut down significantly. There are several factors that come into play:
  • Current roles and pace have me at a spot where I just don't have time to be around the computer blogging.
  • I don't want to write something just to write something. I've had many thoughts that have been followed by "I already blogged about that." I suppose that's bound to happen after 2300 posts.
  • Overall blogging is down. Many of the bloggers I regularly read are not posting as much. It's often the posts of others that inspire posts with me.
  • Shift to Facebook/Twitter. I've been spending more time with these sites doing a lot of what my goal was originally with the blog.
All those are reasons why I'm not blogging as much, but the blog is not dead. Far from it. There will continue to be posts, there will likely be a series or two that will pop up soon, and as we head into a heavy trip season, I'll have plenty of reports on what's happening.

For now, I show my commitment to the blog with the first major layout redesign since it's inception!

1 comment:

Corey Mann said...

I think the blog turns into the journal/diary for your kids.

Imagine if our parents let us peak inside our thoughts, lives, etc. like we do today with blogs, twitter, facebook. etc.

Keep it up, no matter if its 1 post or 100 posts.
Include photos.

You rule.