Thursday, June 03, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

  • Today is Janelle's birthday. I'm a big fan.
  • Katylynn is well into potty training. She's now telling us when she has to go. Next stop, no diapers at bedtime.
  • Jim Joyce blew it last night on a call that would've given Armando Gallaraga a Perfect game (and the 3rd in a month). Proof that instant replay needs to be brought in. BUT, maybe more impressive was the response of Joyce to say he blew it. He then, in tears, went to Gallaraga and apologized. Gallaraga was unbelievably gracious in his response. Some awesome responses of seeking and giving forgiveness. One other thought, I hope Bud Selig changes the call, which they are now saying is within his power.
  • "Don't allow people with no life ruin your life." Heard Colin Cowherd say that this morning concerning the backlash toward Jim Joyce all over blogdom and sports nerd-dom. A great thought.
  • As I prepare to speak at a youth conference at the end of June, I'm reminded that God's plan is bigger, God's call is personal, and God's power is key... man, that could preach!
  • Katylynn just looked at Janelle, said "I have to go potty," and dropped her pants in the middle of the family room. They are now running back to the bathroom. Good times!

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