Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rock Stars

No, I'm not talking about musicians that think they are the center of the universe.
I'm not talking about the energy drink (though these individuals may need some today).

I'm talking about the amazing people who make Summer Camp what it is. It is truly a team effort, and many of these individuals have given sacrificially of their time and talents to help students get away, connect with each other, connect with God, and have a ton of fun. In the process, I believe their are MANY students whose lives will be different because of these who have served.

Jeff Simpson/Kyle Neely:
These two guys headed out on July 4 with a group of student volunteers who set up the tents we eat under, and all the sound lighting for our meeting tent.

Cathy Miller: As our main cook Cathy cooked approximately 3000 meals over camp using a diner that does not have a single utility kitchen tool in it. Through this route of doing meals, we are able to significantly cut the costs of camp for students.

Kaleigh Woodcox/Lisa Miller (Jr. High) Cheryl Stutzman/Dana Jacobs/Tracy Bussard: These are the ladies who assisted Cathy in the cooking of meals. They work like crazy. The great part is that many of these ladies are moms to students at Camp.

Kevin and Jen Edwards: For 3 straight years, Kevin has run sound at SH camp and Jen has served as our SH Camp nurse. They are unbelievable servants and far too easy to work with.

Austin Hostetter:
Austin ran sound at JH Camp and Media Shout at SH. He also shot and put together the video that was shown on Sunday Morning as I skyped into the services to give our folks an update.

Jessica Noelle, Lindy Seitz, Brian and Martin Ufkin:
Led worship with Chris Lehane at Junior High Camp.

Terry and Kelly Bley: Played host and hostess at JH Camp. Terry also did some of the speaking.

Chris Lehane: The best JH pastor out there. He did some worship leading when Terry spoke, and then did speaking when Jessica was leading worship. On top of this, he was played the role of pastor to all. I'm a big fan!

David Cummings, Karli Saner, Grant Schrock, Chad Overholser, Corey Ryman, and Martin Ufkin: Led worship at Senior High Camp. They helped break down some significant walls as well drive home our DIFFERENT theme when it comes to worship.

Kieffer McCarron, Dustin Eby, and Tiffany Christensen: The SOAR interns did both camps. They all played key roles in getting logistics together as well as helping build group dynamics.

Janelle Prenkert: Besides being my super-hot wife, she played hostess to SH Camp. This ranged from counseling leaders and teens to getting toilet paper for the cabins. I would have been dead meat without her there.

Geoff Cocanower: Geoff was really the Pastor at Senior High Camp. He dove in with guys, led discussion times, and shared at our Sunday a.m. session. Geoff also set up all the housing for Senior High (no easy task).

Megan Rendall: Megan did both camps. She also has done a ton of work in registration, getting mailings out, and played a key role in pulling together supplies for our experiences.

Kristy Mikel: The unsung hero of Camp. She coordinated bus drivers, nurses, drivers. She's the brain trust behind all that is Summer Camp. On multiple occasions, she came back to my office and walked me through something we were forgetting. She is the definition of servant.
On top of this she is a FANTASTIC Cabin Group leader and has done significant amounts of investment in the gals of our youth group.

Cabin Group Leaders: There are 40+ volunteers who gave sacrificially of their time to dive in to a group of 3-6 guys/gals every night. They really served as pastors to these students. They allowed God to use them through their ears, their words, and their transparency. THEY ARE THE HEROES.

A HUGE thanks to all these and many more not mentioned who make Summer Camp what it is. YOU are the ROCK STARS!

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