Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday at a Glance

  • Our morning was spent in TAWG looking at I Corinthians 12, and the power of the body of Christ. A major element of our theme is "Embrace the DIFFERENT that you are."
  • After TAWG, a session in the tent that included some different worship (check pic and post just below this one) and a message from Geoff about the beauty of the body of Christ. Also, we had a time of students sharing. One student shared that she gave her life to Christ last night, and the tent absolutely erupted in celebration.
  • Lunch.
  • CEDAR POINT! You haven't done Cedar Point until you do it with Senior High Camp. It's not as much about the rides as it is about Connecting with each other. It's awesome to see the interaction as we ask every group to be a minimum size of 20, and eventually all of us riding together at the close of the night. Great memories.
  • We stay at Cedar Point till close. Today is all about community. It's awesome to watch as kids from different grades, different schools, different backgrounds, different interests, embrace the DIFFERENT that they are, and love the bond they can have through Christ!

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