Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 Events I'm very excited about

  1. Tomorrow Night's Fall Kickoff at NMC: The Preteens are going to have a ton of fun. Jr and Sr High are going to be rocked by a fantastic film. Our Wednesday Night programming kicks into full gear!
  2. Feed My Starving Children: We are going to be taking a weekend to prepare 300,000 meals that will go out to those starving in the nearly 70 countries the ministry supports.
  3. NFL Kickoff: I love the NFL. The Colts and Fantasy Football are the main reason, but I also love Sunday afternoons watching the game. Tough to beat.
  4. Fantasy Baseball Playoffs: I've played Fantasy Football and Baseball for 8 years now, and I've never won a championship in a league I truly care about. This may be my year in Baseball. I have a stellar lineup. Some key injuries (Dustin Pedroia and Justin Morneau) need to get off the DL to really cinch up the team, but there's hope!
  5. November 1-11: Katylynn will be celebrating her 3rd birthday with Mickey! Through a sweet deal, we've been able to put together a vacation in Florida that we didn't expect to do. We figured last February's romp would be the last for a while with the upcoming adoption.

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Jamie Lucas said...

Glad that you guys will be able to get away for awhile in November. I'm also excited about the Colts and fantasy football this season. If you're given any Colts tickets that you don't want just let me know!