Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekly Blog Update

Again, look for me to be back in full blogging mode at the end of August. For now, here's some quick hits on what's been going down.
  • Preteen Camp - It was fantastic. Awesome kids and awesome leaders. The SOAR Interns did a great job at organizing and putting everything together.
  • Jason Joined the Dark Side - Jason Thompson has officially made his departure from Student Ministries world. He's still my office neighbor, but Jason has moved into the Adult Ministries world with his responsibilities. He will continue with his UPWARD responsibilities.
  • Preteen Ministry - With Jason's departure, we're in the process of addressing our vacancies in Preteen Ministry. I'm excited about the new teammates we'll be having soon as a part of this.
  • SOAR Retreat - Our SOAR Interns are currently on retreat as they close up their time with us. The Student Ministries interns have been on a whirlwind of experience, discipleship, and ministry responsibility. I'm excited to see where God has refined their calling and what is next for them in ministry.
  • Josh Wilson - I'm excited that Josh is joining us for a special Kids In Need Concert this Sunday Night. He heard about what we have done with Kids In Need and is putting on an unplugged show for us. We'll be taking an offering where all $$ will go to benefit Kids In Need.
  • Kickoff Coming - We are gearing up for our Fall Kickoffs. One thing is certain, there are some great things going down.
  • Some Time away - Next Tuesday, Janelle, Katylynn and I head up to Ludington for a little uninterrupted family time. It's been one of the most cluttered and whirlwinded (word?) Summers to date, and we're looking forward to getting away and just being together!

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