Thursday, September 02, 2010

Disney Thursdays - Why Not/ Why?

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Let me start of by stating a few things I clearly understand.
  1. Walt Disney World is not for everyone.
  2. Multiple trips to Walt Disney World is for even less people.
Now, I will say that point #1 is where I think many will falsely believe. It could come from multiple reasons. Here's just a few.
  • "We're not crowd people." A legitimate reason enough. In all honesty, Janelle and I are far from "crowd people." We are able to live with the "crowds" of Disney through some things we've learned. One is planning our visits at less crowded times. Another is finding how to "beat the lines." Because I'm not a crowd person, I find great joy in anything that makes me feel like I'm getting around the crowds. Above all, the fun, entertainment, creativity, and opportunity to be a kid win out over the presence of a crowd.
  • "It's too expensive." The WDW rumor mill has the resort considering organ donations as a new form of payment. It is expensive, but again, there are ways around this. I also laugh at those who tell me it's too expensive as they play around on their new cell phone with a $150 a month payment plan before hopping into their SUV to go watch NFL ticket on their giant plasma T.V. Expensive is a relative term. More on cost-cutting and the economics of Disney in a later post.
  • "We're not amusement park/rides people." For those who've never been and are basing their conclusions under this comparison to Cedar Point, Six Flags, Indiana Beach or the Midway at the Elkhart County Fair are making some fairly poor comparisons. WDW is much more than an Amusement Park. In fact, thrill rides are probably one of the the World's weaker points. The shows, smells, parades, fireworks, and food are really my personal favorites. The theming on rides cannot be compared, and there is such a variety of rides that nearly everyone can find something enjoyable.
  • "We went, it was miserable, and we're not going back." It's been interesting to me as I've talked with those who have gone and not enjoyed their time. More times than not, those sharing this with me went into the parks with little or no preperation or plan in place. 4 massive theme parks, 2 water parks, a shopping/entertainment complex, multiple golf courses, and a plethora of resorts w/ dining options is a place worthy of coming up with some sort of game plan. Much time can be lost, and many great experiences can be missed without research and a game plan (more tips and tools on planning in a later post).
So, these are some of the reasons why not. In the end, these reasons listed above may end up being legitimate enough reasons why not. So, let me tell you 10 reasons WHY we love going to Disney World.
  1. It brings the kids out in Janelle and I.
  2. From parking to parks to food, everything is done with excessive creativity and excellence.
  3. We laugh a lot.
  4. We seem to lose site of all else around us, and focus in on each other when there.
  5. Memories are created, and returning to thos memories create more memories.
  6. Sun and warmth in not-so-sunny and warm times at home.
  7. Bringing movies/ stories/ shows to "life" that we have enjoyed all our life.
  8. Seeing our daughter light up when she meets Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Princesses, etc.
  9. Some of the best food I've ever eaten.
  10. The self-contained vacation it creates while there.


Jen White said...

AMEN, Derry. Larry and I are getting ready for an 8 day adventure at Disney...with NO KIDS. Doesn't get any better! :)

Brian a.k.a. Buzz said...

I could see Tracy and I vacationing only at Disney World and Caribbean cruises after the kids have left the nest...