Friday, September 24, 2010

NFL Pick 'em: Week 3

Last week: 7-9
Total: 15-17

This Week's Picks (my selections in bold):
San Francisco 49ers at K.C. Chiefs
Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens
Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans - Houston is for real and I'd say a better team, but I'm giving the Cowboys the motivational and homefield edge.
Detroit Lions at Minnesota Vikings - I expect this to be a VERY close game.

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots - I hate picking the Patriots.
Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints
Tennessee Titans at New York Giants
Pittsburgh Steelers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Bucs are this year's Broncos. I see a great start and a major cooling off.
Cincinnati Bengals at Carolina Panthers
Philadelphia Eagles at Jacksonville Jaguars
Washington Redskins at St Louis Rams
Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos - I expect to see more of what i saw in week 2 from the Colts than what I saw in week 1.
Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals - My predictions on a comeback year for Derek Anderson are not panning out so far.
San Diego Chargers at Seattle Seahawks
New York Jets at Miami Dolphins - Rex Ryan is everything I dislike about sports, but I'm making picks on who I think will win

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