Sunday, October 31, 2010

Attention Youth Leaders: Converge

Very Excited what 3DYC and the Central District of the Missionary Church has put together for January 14-16, 2011.  Converge is targeted for upper class High School Student Leaders.

Check out the promo video:

I've been asked to be the facilitator/presenter on the topic of Global Awareness and Justice Issues.  What I love about the setup of this conference is that I will not simply be speaking on this training track, but instead creating space for students to discuss, question, and challenge each other over the topic.  On top of that, I've already had the opportunity to interview two great minds on the topic: Tony Campolo and Kara Powell.  There are three other tracks being offered as a part of this conference:
  • Faith and Culture (Facilitator Clinton Faupel.  Video Presenters David Crowder and Dan Merchant)
  • Leadership Development (Facilitator Terry Linhart. Video Presenters Bo Boshers and Josh Griffin)
  • Innovation for Change (Facilitator Carrie Badertscher.  Video Presenters Austin Gutwein and Zach Hunter)
The 4 general sessions will be split between the 4 topics.  Students will select on of the topics to be their track to do through the whole weekend.

At NMC, we are requiring all our Summer Missions Trip team members to participate in the event.  We are also looking to take several of our key Student Leaders.

If you are youth pastor or leader, I would highly recommend checking out this conference.  It's going to be top-notch. 


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