Friday, October 01, 2010

Quick Hits

  • Our Feed My Starving Children event starts this afternoon at NMC. 
  • The past two Wednesdays in Senior High we've been asking 2 big WHAT IF questions for this school year.  I believe we are ready to make an impact on teens in crisis locally as well as the global crisis of human trafficking.
  • 100 babies have been in the doors of the AGC Abandoned Baby Center in Kenya.  Actually, baby 101 showed up early last week, and reminds me what doing nothing is not an option. (read story on baby 101 here)
  • It's our Outreach Event season.  The Preteens have a roller skating night the 6th, Senior High Hayride the 13th, and Junior High Hayride the 20th.  These are great times for our students to invite to a church event those spiritually lost or struggling friends they've been investing in.
  • We sent out our brochures and applications for our 3rd annual Winter Retreat at Spring Hill Camps.  Gonna be a great one this year!

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