Friday, October 22, 2010

What's In A Name?

So, people have been asking us, why Moses for his name?

It's an incredibly complicated answer (not really).  Since we started the process, Janelle and I had been talking through names.  We had a good narrowed down list for girl names, but had nothing on the guy name end (for some reason, Janelle just couldn't get into Peyton Manning Prenkert... she's so stubborn sometimes).

When we received word of a baby boy in Uganda that was matched to us, we were also informed that the orphanage caring for him gave him the name Moses.  After hearing about him, we had to shake off the shock that we were having a boy instead of a girl (for some reason, we had both pictured a girl... probably because we currently have a girl).  Then, we both talked about the name given him.  Upon the finalization of adoption, we can grant our son any name we'd like.  The more we thought about it, we really like the name and implication of Moses.  

Our ultimate prayer is that, as God has brought us a child in the brush, we will be able to raise him to grab hold of the divine calling and purpose God has given him.

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