Wednesday, November 24, 2010

10 Strong Opinions

  1. Thanksgiving is a fantastic holiday for stopping to remember all the blessings God has bestowed.  Christmas is a fantastic holiday for remembering God Incarnate, creating the way for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I find it unfortunate that the uber-commercialization of Christmas  has seemingly hindered the heart of both holidays.
  2. The Indianapolis Colts still have a very good chance at a Super Bowl run.
  3. Sexual sin is causing more damage in the current teen generation than any other sin. It is not easy to explain to students the importance of abstaining from even a "hint of sexual immorality" with so much compromise around them (finger pointed at myself here as well).  It's also a tricky balance to continue to push those staying on the path of purity to remain pure while explaining forgiveness and grace to those who have walked the road of sexual impurity.  The best I can say is that forgiveness is immediate, but healing for sexual sin is a long and brutal path.
  4. As much as I love ESPN, the overexposure and conjecture on sports-related stories (Vikings Locker Room Drama, Lebron James to Miami, Tiger Woods personal life) is not healthy.  Furthermore, as a follower of Christ, I would do well to desire integrity out of athletes yet balance grace toward those in the spotlight.
  5. The church is a divine institution that has been entrusted to cracked/flawed vessels.  There is beauty in all this mess, and those Christian detractors from the American Church setup would do well to remember.  I have a feeling house churches, disciple making movements, missional churches, attractional churches, liturgical churches, denominational churches, and community churches all will face failures, ineffectiveness and irrelevance. Last I checked, the changing work of Jesus Christ on the Cross and the work of the Holy Spirit is the key, not the model.
  6. My opinions on immigration law would likely be contrary or offensive 80% of the readers of this blog.
  7. Facebook is not the problem (story here).  Let's quit going after the symptons and start focusing on the disease.
  8. Christians should stop looking to Glen Beck for spiritual direction.
  9. I underestimate the role that Satan and the demonic play in my everyday life, and I even more underestimate the power and authority I have over it all through Jesus Christ.
  10. McDonald's Diet Coke is the best tasting Diet Coke around.


Keller Park said...

So what's your opinion on immigration? :)

Dan Weiss said...

I have a strong opinion that there are only a few applications suitable for justified text alignment, and a blog is not one of them.

Oh, one other strong opinion: Friends can make fun of friends and still be friends!

derryprenkert said...

Strong opinions can be wrong. 1 of yours happens to be. I'll let you figure out which one, friend.

Gina Lind said...

I like them all but feel particularly strong about #3 and 8. :)

Jeffrey Simpson said...

It is Glenn, not Glen. I felt compelled to point that out to you.

Janelle Prenkert said...

I like Derry, He's funny and super compassionate and SMRT, I mean SMART.

Andrew said...

Would you like to revisit #2 after last night?