Thursday, December 02, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 2 - Forgiveness

So, yesterdays moment of beauty started last Sunday.  No, actually it started 15 years ago...

15 years ago I truly entered into a relationship with Christ.  Soon after that moment, Got began to convict and reveal to some specific relationships that I need to reconcile.  Specifically, God challenged me that I needed to go back and practice restitution and reconciliation from various past choices.  One aspect was going back to each High School girlfriend and seek their apology for treatment and action.  This was a tough process that brought some pretty awesome moments of reconciliation and forgiveness.  Unfortunately, I was unable to track one gal down as she had moved. In 1995, cell phones were not readily available, email was just getting rolling, and Facebook... let's just say I wish I would have thought of it back then.

Finally, I prayed that God would allow this gal to somehow supernaturally sense my grief, and allow her release from any pain or hurt I'd caused. I also made commitment to God if I ever ran across herI  would apologize and seek her forgiveness.

That was 15 years ago.  Now to last Sunday.  I opened up Facebook and the name of this gals brother was at the top of my news feed.  It immediately dawned on me that she may be on Facebook.  After a little researching, I found her.  I sent Janelle a text to let her know that I was going to write my apology.  More on that whole process in a little bit...

So, finally to yesterday's moment of beauty.  I received a response from my apology.  It was a response of forgiveness.  

Forgiveness is not something we deserve, but something that is absolutely beautiful when extended or received.

As an added moment of beauty, something pretty powerful happened while writing the apology note last Sunday.  I had my itunes playing, and when I got to the point of specifically asking for forgiveness, the song "The Healing Has Begun" by Matthew West came on.  As I continued to type, tears began to well up as I considered the healing power that can happen when we simply obey God and allow Him to do His thing. And that, again, was a thing of beauty.



Bennett Family said...

I love it. I love the song too!
Thanks for the series Derry, I am linking up to it too. Great idea.

blckspdr said...

I find it interesting Derry that even as I grow older and move to a different state from you, you still find a way to convict me. jerk. lol <3