Saturday, December 04, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 4 - Movie Time

Last night, Janelle and I watched Good Will Hunting together. The film has several moments of beauty for me.  A few that jumped out:
  •  Sean (Robin Williams) explaining to Will (Matt Damon) the night he blew off a Red Sox Game to spend time with a girl that ended up being his wife is a beautifully acted scene with a beautiful story.
  • The moment where Will finally opens up on his abusive past to Sean.  Sean's continual response of "It's not your fault" to an eventually broken down Will is a powerful and beautiful moment of breakthrough.
  • The closing scene Chuck (Ben Affleck) pulling up to Will's house to find it vacant.  A beautiful picture of someone breaking through their fear to chase their dream (also a nice little reminder that Ben Affleck did impress me with his acting in at least one movie).
I'm a movie lover. 

I was reminded yesterday that a major part of my appreciation for movies is the multiple ways beauty hits the screen through writers, directors, actors, and the many other crew members who bring film to life.

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Mikel J. Wisler said...

Right on! It's those moments I chase after whether I'm viewing or making a film. There really is great value in allowing in such beauty and letting it affect you in world so flooded with ugly and negative things. It's because of this that I tell people in no uncertain terms, I worship Jesus ... I go to church at the movies.