Friday, January 14, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 45 - Some Pictures

Yesterday has several beautiful pictures taken or seen:

This photo was taken on a pivotal Wednesday Night (October 25, 2006) in NMC Student Ministries and my life.  It was a night where we decided to dream God sized dreams, and get beyond ourselves.  What's unfolded since? Well, it's been quite beautiful.

 Taken by one of our students (not sure who) while in Kenya last Spring Break.  This one's worth about 5,000 words.

 A beautiful family (the two with longer hair make that possible).  This pic was taken to be included with grant applications as wee seek to add 1 more to the family.

The product of yesterday's fun in the snow.  A beautiful time spent laughing and creating with a beautiful little girl.

I'm grateful beautiful moments can be captured by Cameras.

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